Weekly Interview: Robert Cristian

30 Jan 2022

1. Seeing all the awesome projects you’ve been doing and knowing now that you are becoming more respectable, prominent, and successful in the music industry, it would be absolutely great to know some backstory on how and why you started your path in music? Who or what has been your inspiration throughout all this time?

  • So, I start as a deejay at 14 years old. At 20, I said that “ I need to make my own stuff, my own tracks”, so, I start to learn music and produce music a lot, like 12 hours per day. My inspiration was : Skrillex, Dj snake, tiesto, Lost Freq and many more. But also a kind of inspiration was to prove people that you can succeed in something if you really believe it and work hard too.


2. Now that it’s 2022 and it’s the beginning of a brand-new year, what are some exciting projects you have in store for us?

  • I have some nice projects with some great songwriters, but first I need to reinvent myself a little bit.


3. As a DJ/Producer in the music industry, what are some of the biggest struggles and difficulties you had or still having? How did you cope with these challenges and how did you manage to get where you are right now?

  • Well, I was really motivated by people that they didn’t believe in me, my family too, so I want to proof everybody that they are wrong. I really love music, it’s everything to me, when nobody was here for me, music was. So I will never let my self and my music down. That’s Why I’m trying to listen more new music to improve myself. I think that, if you really love something so much, you don’t give up that easy.


4. How can you describe your music style and genre?

  • Describe my music? I dont know exactly.I think I can produce anything. SlapHouse, deep house, edm, trap, moombah. I don’t know, it’s actually who I am.I don’t have a word or something. If peopleLove it that’s all that matters for me.


5. Who are some artists that you deeply admire and you wish to have a dream collaboration with in the near future?

  • I really love, as a producers : Skrillex, Dj snake, Dillon Francis, Meduza, Topic. And as a songwriters : Emie, Ina Wroldsen, Ritta Ora, and many more


6. Do you have any plans to play in any major music festivals as a DJ and if so, where?

  • I will love it to play to, Ultra, Tomorrowland, Untold. But I think I need a great hit to put music there so, baby steps. :))


7. For all the rising stars and talents in the field of music, what advice and tips can you share to them in their music career journey? Do you have any personal mantra or motto you live by?

  • In the end, I will love to give thanks to my manager Stan Nicolae for everything that he did for me and believe in me and may brother Radu, for the same reason. They are the best and I learn a lot from them. When you have a little success it’s a awesome to have a great team that is there for you and not for the money or stuff like that! Thank you for all this questions dude! And I also I want to thank you so much to all that people out there. Thank you for listening my music and stay safe 🙏🏻🙌🏻

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