Weekly Interview: Miscris

18 Mar 2022

1. Seeing all the awesome and amazing projects you’ve been doing and knowing that you are continuously trying to grow in the music industry, it would be absolutely great to know some backstory on how and why you started your path in music? Who or what has been your inspiration throughout all this time?

In childhood I was a huge fan of EDM, however I didn‘t play any musical instrument but I always been interested in them. For example, I would see someone carrying a guitar or having a piano in their house, it would definitely attract my attention and urge me to try them although I didn‘t have any idea how to play it haha. Then, in mid 2013 I was browsing through a lithuanian website searching for some music and I noticed another Lithuanian guy who just uploaded his brand new remix. And guess what? I have slided into his dm‘s asking: „hey, how do I start“, „please teach me“ and etc. Thankfully, he was a kind guy and he introduced me FL Studio. And that‘s when my journey started, at me being 12 years old. I got and still get my inspiration literally from all EDM artists just seeing how talented they were but my biggest inspiration throughout all this time was Avicii.


2. Seeing that your last official release has been a month ago, what are some exciting projects you have in store for us that are set to be released real soon? I’ve heard you were on a business trip to London recently for a B&W collaboration, tell us more about what happened during that event.

You can expect my new release in April. Oh, the trip to London was so wonderful and full of memories! I met an italian duo Parkah & Durzo, my manager Mark and the owner of a beautiful voice – Emie. Actually, this was my first time in London and my first live song writting session ever and I think it went very well. By the way, you can expect minimum 2 tracks from me which we developed in London! Mark, can‘t thank you enough for organising the trip – introducing London, making sure that I feel fine and for being a great friend! I am looking forward for more sessions like this 🙂


3. As a DJ/Producer in the music industry, what are some of the biggest struggles and difficulties you had or still having? How did you cope with these challenges and how did you manage to get where you are right now?

In my first years of music production I haven‘t been very self-confident. There were times when I wanted to just quit making music. I felt like my music lacked quality, good ideas and it certainly did – I barely had any listeners. But now I understand that this was a process, the process to myself who I am now. I had my first breakthrough only about 4 years after I started producing. It happened when I started releasing music on my country‘s biggest label Lithuania HQ and that‘s when I got noticed by more people. I still have some struggles, one of them is writer‘s block. I think many producers get this, when you just can‘t come up with anything good, but eventually things get back in place.


4. How can you describe your taste and style in music and genre?

Honestly, that‘s a very hard question. I like to listen to every genre as long as song fits my vibe. When it comes to producing – deep house, slap house, future house is where I am best at.


5. Who are some artists that you deeply admire and you wish to have a dream collaboration with in the near future?

At this moment I really dig Tiësto, VIZE and LIZOT music. It would be so great to collaborate with them.


6. Do you have any plans to play in any major music festivals as a DJ and if so, where and are there any set dates?

Unfortunately, no current plans to play in any music festivals.


7. For all the rising stars and talents in the field of music, what advice and tips can you share to them in their music career journey? Do you have any personal mantra or motto in life that you live by?

Don‘t stop and keep doing what you are doing! I know it gets hard sometimes but as I said this is a process to developing yourself into something big. Every producer is constantly growing and „there is no limit to perfection“ 🙂

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