Weekly interview: JOZUA

10 Nov 2021

Hi JOZUA, welcome to the weekly interview number 7, we are so happy to have you here, so, let’s start with the questions:

NBO: We would like to know how everything started. When you started making music, and who was or were your inspirations?

J: My first experience of making music would’ve been back when I was around 12 years old when I was given my first guitar. I’d spend hours and hours learning covers of famous songs and trying to come up with my own little riffs and solos. Later on, when I was around 14, my brother introduced me to the audio workstation FL Studio, and I’ve been using it on and off over the years ever since, but really started to take it seriously around 2018.


NBO: The new year is coming soon, which is your biggest goal for 2022? And, did you complete other ones that you had in mind?

J: For me, in 2022 I just want my family and friends to remain healthy and happy; this is what is most important in life for me!


NBO: How can you describe your music style? And, do you got references from other styles?

J: My music style varies hugely, most of the music I get around to releasing under the JOZUA alias has been slap house, but I also have libraries full of deeper house and even commercial-style tracks that are just sitting on my hard drives.
My main influences in music, in general, have to be the music I grew up listening to, people like the Nightcrawlers, Freemasons, etc, these are the songs that my parents loved!
For my current slap house music, my biggest influences are by far my very very close friends Robbe and DJSM, they have taught me so much of the genre, and I’m very thankful for this!


NBO: Which are your favourite plugins?

J: As far as synths go, there is no plugin for me so universal as Serum, it is simply the best in my eyes! I also love all the fabfilter plugins as far as limiters and eq’s are concerned. However, I find my favourite and absolute game-changer is the plugin REFERENCE, it is a must in terms of mixing and mastering!


NBO: How do you start a new song?

J: For me, there is no specific starting point. It really depends on what my creativity hits first. Sometimes I will have a bass pattern in my head and must get this down straight away. Other times, I’ll think of a vocal or a cover that I want to make and work around the vocal melody.


NBO: Do you have in mind to start playing as a DJ in festivals or clubs? If yes, which one is your dream stage?

J: Of course! I plan on starting to DJ in clubs and festivals soon, being one of my goals for 2022! I’m from the UK, so my dream stages obviously consist of Ministry of Sound, Printworks, etc, all these legendary UK clubs! As far as festivals, there’s no place like Tomorrowland for electronic music producers!


NBO: In the DJSM’s interview, he said you are the next rising star. Now I ask you, who is the next rising star for you?
J: I’d have to say the same back to DJSM! At his super young age he has the world ahead of him and the skills and knowledge to go and claim it, I really see DJSM’s future being insanely bright!


NBO: Which artist or song would you like to remix? And a dream collab for you?
J: A dream collab for me would be with somebody like Jax Jones, Calvin Harris, Nightcrawlers, etc, I look up to these guys so much!


NBO: Is there anything that you like that people wouldn’t imagine?
J: In my downtime, I actually listen to a lot of slower songs too, I obviously love house music and listen to this loads also, but I listen to lots of artists like Two Feet, Alec Benjamin, etc.


NBO: And one last question, what tips would you give to people who want to start making music?
J: Just go for it! You’re going to need thick skin and a whole lot of patience, but the rewards of your work and the people you meet along the way will be so worth it!

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