Weekly Interview: Dayana

30 Jan 2022

1. Seeing all the awesome projects you’ve been doing and knowing now that you are becoming more respectable, prominent, and successful in the music industry, it would be absolutely great to know some backstory on how and why you started your path in music? Who or what has been your inspiration throughout all this time?

  • Dayana: It all started in a little village in the north of Republic of Moldova, in a family of two young musicians. As I grew up listening to my parents singing, I immediately started to sing at first than to speak. It was a long journey of 17 years till I released my first song LOCA LOCA, under the name of DAYANA, in 2020, in collaboration with the amazing project Moonlight, among a lot of covers that I did : Before I die, In and out of love, Sweetest ass in the world etc. Since then I am an independent artist, working with the label Pink Elephant. 


2. Now that it’s 2022 and it’s the start of a brand-new year, what exciting things, plans or projects are you planning to do?

  • Dayana: 2022 got me ready to release 2 singles with video clips that we’ve been working on, entitled Money Money and Joanna; collabs with Moonlight, UNKLFNKL, Robert Cristian and many other young producers. Meanwhile, I’m sure that we will come up with more great new projects.


3. What are some of the struggles and difficulties you’ve encountered being a singer or being in the music industry? How have you coped up with them?

  • Dayana: The main struggle in the music industry that I’ve encountered was finding the right team to work with, who would support and believe in my talent. During 3 long years I’ve been working with some other producers but none of them had the right sound for my voice. Finally, I met these talented guys, and that’s when the magic began.


4. Do you have any dream collaborations with any other artists/DJs that you deeply want to happen?

  • Dayana: Of course, I dream to collaborate with main-stream producers as David Guetta, Tiesto, Martin Garixx, Calvin Harris, Jax Jones and the list goes on and on, it’s only a matter of time 🙂


5. How would you describe your music style and genre?

  • Dayana: I would describe my style as electro-pop music combined with slap-house , deep-house and a little bit of dance elements, with a soft and melodic voice as frosting, but I love to experiment as I recorded pop, trap, afro-pop songs etc. 


6. What valuable tips would you like to give and provide to upcoming artists who want to have careers in music?

  • Dayana: To all young artists, I would advice to never stop working on their dreams and constantly develop their skills. Be perseverance, ambitious and brave, learn to take critiques in a constructive way and learn to support each other, because we’re all in this together.

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