Weekly interview: Parkah & Durzo

29 Oct 2021

NBO: Hi guys! Hope is all good, this is the 6th version of Black and White interviews, and we wanted to asked you some questions. First one is: When do you started making music, and when you had the possibility of starting playing your own songs in front of the crowd?

P&D: Hi NBO! We are very excited for this interview! We started individually, Parkah in 2015 and Durzo in 2012. The first time that we had the possibility to play our music was in a famous event in italy last summer at “Aquafan” in Riccione where played artists like Avicii, David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Gabry Ponte and many more. As we release more songs, we look forward to playing those live for fans, too.


NBO: How you do to work together living 2 hours apart? Do you work in the same studio or sending stems and FLPs?

P&D:At the beginning we worked by sending the project each other but wasn’t the best way, the game changer was work on a remote control, TeamViewer , it’s like working on a single computer in the same studio, really fantastic!


NBO: Is possible to get some news about your upcomings tracks? Any cool collaboration?

P&D: we have some exciting surprised coming for our fans, but we can’t say too much yet. they’ll have to wait and see.” ?


NBO: What are your goals before end 2021? And what are the ones for the upcoming year?

P&D: We are working for our future, our dream is to make a hit/gold record, and that our name Parkah & Durzo is known everywhere. We hope that every year we can get closer to the goal.


NBO: How can you describe your music style? I mean, in production, and, which styles do you like to play in live?

P&D: Our music is creative, we try always to be unique and different, and we like to work with powerful basslines. In our DJ sets we play mostly EDM, commercial, and pop.


NBO: We saw many upcoming talents with a young age this year, which ones do you consider that will blow up in the next years?

P&D: In Italy there is DJSM, he is a young talented guy, for sure in the next years will blow up


NBO: Which artists do you like to listen in a normal day?

P&D: Our favourite artists are Gabry Ponte, Lizot, R3hab, LA Vision, & DMNDS.


NBO: Which song from yours you consider the best ?

P&D: We are satisfied in all our releases, we think that our best song is yet to come out hahaha


NBO: Any tip you can give to upcoming producers and DJs?

P&D: Could be the classic phrases, but it’s the true, work hard every single day , experiment a lot and try to be always better and set a goal.


NBO: Is there anything that you like that people wouldn’t imagine?

P&D: People might be surprised to learn that we are Future Rave, and we’re working on some exciting Future Rave projects!

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